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A versatile writer, David Boyle has written and published two short story collections. His newest book, Abandoned in the Dark, has been adapted to film by Cover 3 Productions. Though he earned his readership by creating intense real-life dark fiction, Boyle has garnered a reputation for composing literary stories, essays, articles, aphorisms, reviews, interviews, analyses, a good number of which have appeared in magazines.                                      

Author David Boyle

The spectrum of emotion, the vagaries of human existence, coupling the virtuous with the absurd—these possibilities keep my mind in overdrive.


Finding the virtues of human nature is not possible without digging through the endless strata of abnormality.

Good stories do not only open minds; they can change the world, lifting
spirits to new altitudes.



"Abandoned In The Dark"

Four Classic Horror Stories

One Anthology Film

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